It's Hip to Fix a Drip!

In the Cowichan Valley, reduced river flows and water shortages are threatening salmon survival, local farming, water quality, recreation, and industry. The "new normal" is that we get nearly all our water falling in winter, and very dry summers. 

Every drop helps. The easiest drops to save are the ones that are "wasted" every hour of every day through leaks in hoses, toilets, and pipes. So start there! Check your toilet (even new ones!) for silent leaks caused by old or mis-aligned flappers in the bottom of the tank. (Click here for instructions.)  Outside, take 20 minutes to walk around with a wrench and some hose washers. Check all hose and faucet connections for leaks and tighten up!

Join the Cowichan Water Challenge. The Cowichan Watershed Board has initiated a region-wide goal to reduce household water use by at least 20% by 2018. Cowichan Region's largest water suppliers are all onside to reach this goal (more here) so lets work together. You can get an estimate of your own household water use at this link, then work to reduce it by at least 20%. It's hip to fix a drip!


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I like both of Jill Thompson’s ideas m going to try em
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Water Saving Tips from the Doorstep!
“We bought a small switch-like thing at Griffith’s in Duncan that you install on the shower. You can turn the water on and off while showering without losing the temperature setting. It’s saved us lots on heating the hot water as well. One more thing: Chris installed a shower head outside on the grape arbour, and we took outdoor showers using the hot water that sat in the very long garden hoses all day. This meant that we didn’t have to waste all that hot water when we tried to water the plants.”
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Its Hip to Fix a Drip!
Pledge to Save Water