Local Watering Restrictions

Watering conservation bylaws are one of our best tools to ensure there is enough water for everyone on a water system to get through the summer. 

The Cowichan Valley Regional District's "New Normal" webpage includes a map showing the water conservation bylaw stages by area (and lots more information if you have time to scroll around.) 

Just as our water sources vary from aquifers to rivers to lakes, so do the available water levels. Water managers use conservation bylaws in stages to ensure there is enough for everyone, in all areas. In the Cowichan region, we now normally use the same water conservation bylaw across the whole area, regardless of your water source, to reduce confusion. There are some exceptions. Follow the schedule from your water supplier (i.e. whoever your water bill comes from).

On a well? Technically you don't have watering restrictions but following the watering regime of a nearby municipality is good practice.


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