Participating Water Suppliers

The following water suppliers have joined the Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge by submitting current water system data and committing to join the region-wide goal of reducing household water consumption by 20% or more, measured in litres/person/day. 

  • City of Duncan
  • Cowichan Bay Waterworks District
  • Cowichan Valley Regional District
  • Mill Bay Waterworks District
  • Municipality of North Cowichan
  • Town of Ladysmith
  • Town of Lake Cowichan

The Town of Ladysmith inspired the Water Challenge in 2014, achieving the lowest per capita household water use in the Cowichan Region at that time. (Read how they did it here.)

In 2015, Chemainus residents achieved the greatest drop in water use, at 25% or an average of about 65 Litres per person per day*.

In 2016, Cowichan Bay Waterworks District, serving over 2,000 customers, was in front of the pack at 31% residential water use reduction since our baseline 2013 year.  Cowichan Bay residents also used the least amount of water on a per capita basis in 2016, at 211 litres per person per day*.

The great news is that all of the partners that provided their data this year showed lower per capita water use in 2016 than in 2013, despite the drought. This shows that local residents are learning to get by with less, even in dry summers. Reductions range from 3% for the areas like Ladysmith where significant progress had already been made before the challenge began, to over 30% less water used annually in other areas.

The sobering news is that the average among the reporting participants (262 litres/person/day*) is still higher than the Canadian average (251 litres/person/day as of 2011) which is among the highest rates of water use in the world.  By comparison, Germans use less than half as much water per person, at approximately 122 LPD. (2012 statistic).

Read our 2016 and 2017 Water Week press releases to learn more. 

* Based on water use reports submitted by Water Challenge participants.



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