Talking Water Conservation with Raincoast Aquaponics

Adrian_Raincoast_Aquaponics-sm.jpgCowichan Valley Citizen. By "Flo", Guest Columnist

Name: Adrian Southern

Occupation: Owner/Founder, Raincoast Aquaponics

Why Flo likes him/her: Water Conservation Hero


Flo: Hi Adrian. Let’s start with how long you have lived in Cowichan Region.

Adrian: I grew up in Cowichan Bay, and recently moved back here from Nanaimo.

Flo: You stand out as a friend of the watershed because of the efforts you make to save water. Thank you for that! What inspired you to start an aquaponic farm?

Adrian: My hatred of weeding.

Flo: Tell us more about what you do and how it helps conserve Cowichan water.



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