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Its free, takes <15 minutes, and you don’t even touch the “icky” part of the toilet! Leaking “flappers” at the bottom of toilet tanks are very common, even in new toilets, and they waste water 24/7.  If we all checked our flappers, and fixed the leaks, we would save a LOT of water! The great news is that most leaks can be fixed for under $20.

Here’s how:

1)      Drop a food dye tablet in the top TANK of your toilet (or 3 drops any food dye)

2)      Wait for 15 minutes – don’t flush.

3)      Check your BOWL for blue. Blue in the bowl means your flapper needs a fix!

Blue in the Bowl?  Fix your Flapper!

If you found a leak, the flapper might just need a cleaning, or you might need to buy a replacement flapper from a plumbing supply or hardware store (<$20).  Click here for full instructions, and a short DIY video http://thisbluedot.ca/ 

If your leak is more complicated, or if the DIY seems daunting, hire a plumber and get saving!

Help Spread the Word! 

That was easy wasn't it? Will you help a friend check for blue in their loo?  Or perhaps email us a "selfie" (cowichanwatershedboard@gmail.com) to show your friends that you care about conservation...and they should too!

Thank you!

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